Commercial Painters Melbourne

We provide a full range of commercial painting services to our Melbourne Customers

Our commercial division includes a wide variety of projects. We have the staff and equipment necessary to take on large scale projects such as hotels, senior living facilities, apartments, corporate big box construction, warehouses and schools. We have also provided services for a variety of retail stores, condominiums, churches, and strip malls.

We provide all painting services including ceilings, texture, sand, specialty finishes, wood doors/frames, etc.

When potential new customers are concerned, nothing is more important than the image you project to the public. If your building looks dull and dated, potential customers might assume that you take the same approach to your services. However, if you operate a fresh and bright commercial building, customers will likely associate your services as such. This is why many of our commercial contracts focus on the exterior of the building. With dull or metallic looking buildings, a fresh coat of paint provided by us can improve the welcoming atmosphere of your commercial property and encourage customers to enter feeling confident and secure. When considering the exterior of your commercial property, never underestimate the power of paint.

Why to choose us for you commercial painting needs?

With more than 18 years of experience, Aram Master painters offers a full range of commercial painting services. When you choose Aram Master painters for your commercial painting contract, you are making the smart choice with a company the you can trust. Our past clients will tell you that they received only the finest and speediest services, backed up by a long standing company name and dedication to integrity. Our employees are carefully selected, each one goes through extensive training, and safety requirement programs. Employees are then expected to maintain high quality workmanship, and must provide no less than excellent customer service. When Aram Master painters' crews are on your site, you will have experienced, clean cut professionals ready to get the job done right. Our professional estimating, project management and office personnel, will ensure your project will be completed with uncompromising quality, and care, on time and within budget.