Interior Painters Melbourne

We provide a full range of interior painting services to our Melbourne Customers

Interior painters use paint, wallpaper, and specialty coatings to prepare, protect, and style interior surfaces. This paint is used for aesthetics and decoration. At the same time, interior painting provides properties with dampness prevention, washability and easy maintenance.

Our professional painters in Melbourne have the skill and knowledge to complete all interior painting projects. We use only the best products and materials and recommend and supply the product that best suited for your property.

Our Melbourne Interior painters provide a wide range of painting services and ensure all types of interior painting are completed to our strict standards. We have been operating in Melbourne for over 19 years.
Some of the painting services that we provide include:

  • Bedroom Painting
  • Bathroom Painting
  • Kitchen Painting
  • Living Room Painting
  • Hallway Painting
  • Ceiling & Wall
  • Maintenance Services

We take the time to understand your specific requirements. Thorough preparation is what differentiates our painting company from the rest. Our skilled contractors have extensive knowledge of the materials and applications it takes to deliver a flawless finish. Careful preparation and professional application reduce the need to re-paint your home as often. Our Residential Painting team uses the best methods to ensure top quality, long-lasting finish for interior house painting.

Our Interior Painting Services

Bedroom Painting: Your bedroom interior is the most personal area in the house. It’s the area where we spend most of our time. So we should provide it with the love, care and paint it deserves.

Bathroom Painting: Painting your bathroom interior is really hard because it’s smaller than other areas at home, and it’s hard to move around and paint it by yourself. Because it’s a small area it always overlooked and we usually ditch it when painting and decorating. But, it also deserves love and care. Using the right paint won't only beautify your bathroom but make it last longer.

Kitchen Painting: You can make a huge difference in your kitchen interior by something easy like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're painting your cabinets or give the walls fresh paint color, it’s a reasonable method to renew your kitchen interior.

Living Room Painting: The living room is the warmest area in your house. That’s why it needs care and fresh paint every once in a while to make it welcoming and friendly. Match the painting color with the decoration of the house is important as well.

Hallway Painting: When you really think about it we usually use our hallways more than the other areas in our house. So it is better to provide it with fresh paint that is durable and is able to handle the heavy foot traffic.

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The most common Asked questions about interior painting services in Melbourne

Is it necessary to give the ceilings two coats of paint?

No. sometimes you just need one coat if you use special ceiling paint and a good quality brush. If you are trying to paint it for the first time or you are unsure of what to try then you can consider calling Aram Painting team to help you with your ceiling painting. We can reach high parts and finish the job in a short time!

What should we paint first, ceiling or walls?

It’s much better to paint the ceiling first, then go to the walls. This helps you to cover up any paint splash from ceiling paint that spotted on your walls.

How much does it cost to paint the inside of a house?

It depends on the number of rooms in your house and the building of your house. You might want to give the responsibility to a professional especially if you're thinking about repainting the whole interior and exterior of your house. Contact Aram Painting today for a free estimate!

What we offer:

We offer a wide range of colors, suede effects and lime washing. Our highly professional team of Melbourne interior painters are specialists in all types of residential paintings. Our workmanship, reliability and dependable service are what sets us apart from our competitors. We remove all trade rubbish to keep things neat and tidy and touch-up paints are dated, labeled, and left with our clients for future reference.

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